Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making a List, Checking it Twice

The only way to overcome a lack of focus is with a To-Do List. Short or long, detailed or not, you can’t get around it. And you can’t get around the fact that you should write it down. If you put something on a list it’s 37% more likely to get done, than if you don’t put it on a list.

I started writing the steps for doing a To-Do List and thought, “That’s stupid, these folks know how to do a To-Do List.” So, just to make sure….come up with two lists, a Master List, with everything you have to do, personally and professionally, and a working To-Do List that you create by pulling the things off the Master List that need to be done.

I know, I know…some of you are doing that little whine you do. I can hear you right now, “I don’t neeeeed a list. I know what I have to do.” Right. If your life is so simple that your list would be comprised of : Wake Up and Get Up, I would agree you don’t need a list. Any life more complicated than that, you need a list.

One other thing. If you manage other people, or if you have children over the age of 6, encourage them to do a list. You’ll have more accomplished employees and you’ll raise more ccomplished children.

I’d like to write more, but I’m writing this on Tuesday night and I have to do my list for Wednesday.

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