Friday, April 3, 2009

The Most Dangerous Three Words

While speaking at the NC Association of County Clerks yesterday we discussed the importance of asking questions. The more questions you ask the more information flows to you; the more information you have the better decisions you are able to make.

Near the end of the discussion I asked the question, "What are the three most dangerous words in life?" Lots of good answers popped up, not the least of which was, "I love you."

But, the most dangerous three words are, "What about me?"

When people start asking, "What about me?," it shows a measure of dissatisfaction. The feeling of being dissatisfied can lead to a wide range of issues and actions that signal a need for change in life.

In work settings, when the question is asked it means that someone does not feel that they are getting their fair share of money, attention or promotions. In marriages, asking "What about me?" usually means that one partner believes that they have been doing most of the giving. In caregiver relationships the question will be asked as the caregiver begins to feel overwhelmed.

Is there an area in your workday, or in your life, in which you feel the need to ask, "What about me?" If so, what would help you feel fulfilled? If you can describe it, you can ask for it. If you can ask for it, will you?

Have a great weekend, and pull for the Tar Heels in the Final Four.

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