Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Perfect Workday Triangle

If we are going to work our way out of the economic mess in which we find ourselves the two key words are going to productivity and creativity.

As Americans, creativity has always seemed to be part of our societal DNA. Give us a problem and we can come up with a solution. I can preach for hours about how our open society has been one of the major sources of our creativity.

Productivity is another matter; it’s about getting things done. Here’s the real deal: productivity is about the triangle and interrelationship of time, people, and stuff (ex. tangible resources, tools, information).

Here are the three biggest challenges relating to the three issue above are:

Time…Biggest Problem is Lack of Focus…we have so much stuff coming at us and we often want to try and get so much done that it’s easy to get off track.

People…Biggest problem is Miscommunication…the average American worker wastes 15% of his or her time due to miscommunication…15% of a work year is SEVEN WEEKS! So, essentially, seven weeks worth of your salary if you are just average in terms of miscommunication.

Stuff…Biggest Problem is Disorganization…the average American loses two weeks in time every year just looking for stuff…we lose 15 hours a year just looking for car keys.

For the next three days I’ll give you solutions to the three big problems. For right now, ask yourself these three questions: “How often do I lose focus?” “How often should I ask a question to clarify a misunderstanding?” “How often am I looking for something?”

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