Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Recession: Don't Participate

Like many of you I have a friend who has been downsized, riffed, layed off, let go. He’s pretty low right now because he’s a great guy, does great work, and, understandably, has a difficult time figuring out why he was one of the ones with a bullseye on his back.

From what he says, and what I can see, it was simply a management decision. But, there’s nothing simple about it when it affects you or the people you love.

However, events like this are often part of life in early 21st Century America.

So, here’s the deal. THEY may get to choose if you are one of the ones who takes a hit. But, YOU get to choose how you will handle the challenge.

I ran into a guy the other day who has a wonderful take on the situation. He says, “You know that recession thing? I’ve decided not to participate.” His attitude sounds simplistic, but it shows a positive way of looking at life that I really like. He’s going to keep moving, keep creating, and keep being productive. He knows that America is a great society and things will come around and he wants to be positioned for the growth when it comes.

A lot of the times in life you can’t choose the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” as Shakespeare would say. But, you certainly can choose your attitude about them.

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