Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 Minutes to Git It, or Git Gone

One of the folks in my program in Clinton today did not have a perfect workday yesterday. She is a manager of a childcare center and she switched some teacher assignments around and came close to having a mutiny!

“I couldn’t believe how some of those women acted,” she said. “We have children in the center who act more mature than some of those teachers did.”

Evidently someone’s apple cart was upset. Or, as some older Asians might say, someone was messing with their rice bowl.

To say that change is difficult would be a cliché. But, as that great American philosopher, Jimmy Buffett, would say, “clichés say what they mean and mean what they say.”

The interesting thing about change is that new research shows the, “bit-by-bit” acclimation to change doesn’t work as quickly and effectively as dramatic change. The fear/shock factor is greater with big change, but once people understand that this is the new reality most of them Cowboy Up and settle in to the new way.

I love the last thing the childcare manager told me. She said, “I told them that they had five minutes to either get their purses and quit and go home, or they could get with the program. They didn’t like it, but everyone stayed.”

In today’s work world, a steady paycheck’ll do that to ya.

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