Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Well, OK, I'm not REALLY at the beach. I'm writing this blog in the library in Shallotte, NC...which is very near the beach...and am staying a mile or so away from the wonderful Atlantic Ocean, but it's likely I won't see it. Too much to do.

I've spent the day reading and creating a new seminar, "10 Secrets to Getting Stronger, Smarter, and Stress-Free." I'll be presenting it later this week.

The only thing that is keeping this from being a Perfect Workday is that I haven't had the opportunity to present a seminar...but, I get to do 3 tomorrow so that makes up for it.

You know...I'm thinking...as we Southerners say, "It's a sin and a disgrace" that I'm this close to the beach and not taking time to see it and walk on the sand.

So, I'm going to the beach.

Now, what in the wide, wide, world of sports does this have to do with you, wherever you are? I'm betting that there is something simple and easy to do that you would like to do that would help you have a better day. It might be to take a walk, listen to a song, hug and/or kiss someone, read a paragraph in a book you like...whatever it is, if you can, stop reading this blog and go do it. Life's too short not to.

And life's too short not to go to the beach if it's this close.

I'm gone.

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