Friday, May 15, 2009

Are You Successful?

A professor at East Carolina University has asked me to be part of a research project that explores change in the workplace and how to deal with it. He sent me a list of the 10 questions that he needs answered for the project and one of them jumped out at me.

How do you measure success?

So, I’ll ask that question of you and suggest that it might be a wonderful topic of thought for you for the weekend.

How do you measure success?

For decades in many areas of our society the primary measure of success has been money. During the last 6-12 months a lot of folks have been questioning that definition of success as their pile of money (however large or small) as dwindled dramatically. So, is money a good measure of success?

Is contentment a good measure? Are you contented with who you are and where you are? The Buddhists believe that most pain and suffering come from wanting more. If you are content, you are successful.

Success comes in the short term…creating a Perfect Workday…and in the long term…creating a successful life. But, getting to the long term means creating a string of successful days in the short term.

What could you do between now and five o’clock today that would be one small step closer to being successful?

Have a great…successful…weekend.

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