Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello, Officer

Got a speeding ticket yesterday. Was coming out of Wilmington a lot faster than I should have been 'cause I was in a hurry to get to another seminar.

The officer was a nice guy, business-like and efficient. I've got the money to pay the ticket and since I haven't had any tickets in the last three years it won't affect my insurance.

The situation could have been a lot more stressful. But, the key to dealing with stresses are these: do you have the internal skills and external resources to deal with the event? If you do, they may be annoying, but not really stressful. If you don't have those advantanges, they can be overwhelming. 

I knew how to act during the encounter, and I have the resources to deal with it.

When difficult situations happen to you, do you have the internal skills and external resources. If you do, great; if you don't, where can you get them?

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