Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is Being Slack Un-American?

Here’s a question you didn’t expect today. Is being slack at work un-American?

If we are truly experiencing the most difficult economic time since the Great Depression (which, according to a variety of screaming headlines, we are) I believe that only increased productivity and creativity will pull us out of the quagmire.

If that is the case, then anyone who is not pulling their weight in the workplace is working against the effort to move the economy, and America, out of these tough times.

When I’ve asked the question "Is being slack at work un-American?" of a variety of people over the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten responses that ranged from outright laughter to, “Well, hell yeah, I thought everyone realized that!”

A few years ago the comedian Tim Wilson said, “The only good American is an illegal alien. They’re the only ones really working.”

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but “Am I doing my part?” is a question we all should be asking ourselves on a daily basis.

(Today is the 200th blog, thanks for reading)

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