Friday, May 1, 2009


Where in the X%$#& is that ________?!

When was the last time you got cranked up because you couldn’t find something? Here’s a killer stat; the average American worker loses 2 weeks in time every year looking for stuff. We lose 15 hours a year just looking for car keys.

Try the 30-Second Secret. Don’t walk out of your house in the morning, or away from your desk at lunch or the end of the day, without straightening a few things up. Don’t go to a lot of trouble and don’t spend more than 30-seconds. You’ll find that the cumulative effort gets you organized and keeps you organized.

So, for the last three days, those are the big three challenges in the workplace; Lack of Focus (which leads to Procrastination), Miscommunication, and Disorganization. The ways to meet the challenges are using a To-Do List, Asking More Questions, and The 30-Second Secret.

Have a great spring weekend, and be sure and watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday afternoon.

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