Friday, May 29, 2009

Scared Straight

Last night a colleague told me that my largest client might address budget challenges by cutting all programs for next year.

I hate to admit this…I panicked. I drove home thinking about the implications of my calendar all of a sudden being wiped clean. What would I do? How would I pay bills? What was my Plan B?

I have some pretty serious future plans and a jolt like that could scramble those plans like eggs in a bowl.

Tens of thousands of Americans are gripped by the same fear today.

So, this morning I got a handle on myself and said, “Collins, it’s time to do two things: Put to use the things you tell other people to do, and do a better job of creating a realistic Plan B, just in case.”

My first call this morning was to someone who would know the reality of the news I heard last night. Their answer: it’s a myth. No such idea is in the list of potential solutions the client is considering.

So, I had gotten jacked up due to rumor. Not my smartest reaction. I’ll do better next time.

My second call was to someone whose counsel I respect and trust. My question was, “If you were in my shoes what would you do?” His advice was wonderfully wise and on the mark. He put me on the road to a realistic Plan B.

Tough times are here for most people. Getting overly excited about every bit of scary news is a great way to go crazy.

Better to have at least a half-way plan that you will implement, than a gradiose plan that you won't or can't perform.

Get to work. You take care of you.

Have a great weekend.

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