Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You, Conflict and the Fan

Last night in Washington, NC (the first Washington, by the way) we were talking about how to terminate. The question, “Where do you sit?” came up.

One guy said, “I always sit with my back to the wall.” My question to him was, “That’s fine, but was the person you were terminating sitting between you and the door?” His answer was, “Yes,” and that was the wrong answer. In any termination situation whoever is doing the terminating should sit closest to the door…just in case.

Do you plan ahead for conflict or confrontation? It’s going to happen sooner or later and here’s a simple continuum that proves it: life progresses from structure to change to conflict to confrontation.

You might not be confronting another person. You might be confronting an idea, an institution, yourself.

What is you confrontation style? Do you immediately withdraw or do you jump forward and into the teeth of the conflict? Do you say, “That’s OK, we’ll do it your way,” or do you seek a compromise or win/win situation?

Here’s the deal: you need to be playing What If? on a regular basis. What if we have a fire? What if our sales are half what they should be…what if they are double what we thought? What if I decide I’ve had enough?

When things go..mmm…different is not the time to try to come up with a plan. Before things happen is the time to plan. If you don’t play What if? you’ll often end up having no other choice than to start cleaning up yourself …and the fan.

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