Monday, June 29, 2009

1% Solution

How much better could you be by something by the end of this week?

Pick something…anything. And commit to trying to be 1% better each day at it. Just some little something you can do to get better at it.

Here’s mine for the week: Handwriting. My handwriting looks like I should have been a doctor. Terrible. My father had handwriting that looked like those guys who signed the Constitution. Beautiful. And he was missing half of the index finger on his right hand! Still amazes me.

I’m on vacation this week…or at least I’m supposed to be. So, I’m signing a bunch of books before sending them out. And I’m going to slow down and concentrate on the handwriting.

I know, it sounds like something you would do if you were 8 years old. But, I need to do it, and I can slow down and do it 1% better.

See, I’ve gone first.

Now, what’s yours?

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