Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anybody Got a Map?

If you had to take a complicated route out of town you would probably write down the directions.

But, most people do not write down a single word of directions regarding their most important journey…their journey through life.

In the short term, you are 37% more likely to get something done if you write it down on a To-Do List.

In the late ‘90s, research showed that people who kept some sort of journal about what they accomplished during the day, or what their aspirations might be, were 32% more likely to feel like they were making progress.

It may feel a little silly to write down some of your goals. They'll point to their head and say, “‘Cause I know what I want and it’s all up here!”

But, you’re really going to feel silly (or regretful) if, down the road, you are stuck in the same rut and living the same life.

Join me right now and write down two goals you want to reach before the end of June.

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