Thursday, June 4, 2009

Connection Addiction

Ok, Ok, I know, I missed yesterday. Hard to do a blog when you are either talking or driving. I'll do better.

One of the topics I mentioned in my Tuesday program with young people was the addiction to cellphones. I'll cut to the chase: If someone who has grey hair (or it would be grey if they weren't coloring it) is running a meeting, don't be checking emails, texts, and Tweets, in a meeting. The older worker sees younger workers doing this and it appears that the younger folks aren't focused, aren't working.

In fact, my basic message was, if you want to stand out from your peers, stop looking at a cellphone screen all the time. American businesses lose $6 billion in productivity every year just because of the email alert on computers. I think the number is higher for cellphone addiction.

However, a story in the news today says that it's getting OK to Tweet (sending Twitter messages for us older folks) in church. 

I'm moving to Tahiti, or Hawaii, or one of the "i" islands.

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