Friday, June 5, 2009

The Deadly Chihuahuas

This is the final installment about my talk with the young, new-hires I spoke to earlier this week.

When I asked if anyone in the group owned a Chihuahua a few folks laughed and a few hands went up. I said, "Please take what I'm about to say in the most positive manner meant."

When you prioritize the things you need to do during the day you may use the A, B, C method. A's are the most crucial items on your To-Do List. B's are the things that, if you can find time to do them, they will help with the A's and add to your skill set. 

The C's, however, are Chihuahua kinds of things. They are petty, yapping, annoying kinds of things that eat up time and don't really contribute to your overall accomplishments. Many of them MUST be done eventually (think shaving, or talking to your down-the-hall colleague about why they keep serving warm beer at the company picnic), BUT THEY ARE NOT CRUCIAL TO YOU ACCOMPLISHING THE MAJOR ITEMS ON YOUR LIST.

The author, Ernest Hemingway, talked about "activity versus accomplishment." Focusing on C's keeps you active and makes you think you are accomplishing something.

Look for strategies that allow you to knock out some C's without focusing too much time on them.

Beware the deadly Chihuahuas!

Have a perfect weekend!

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