Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dealing With the Sluggoes

I know this seems like two blogs in one day...but, it's late on Wednesday night and I'm tied up on Thursday.

So, consider this Thursday's blog.

My parting point for the previous blog was that this one would focus on the people in your workplace who don't seem to have a conscience.

In fact, they have a name (I think of them as Sluggoes, but we'll talk about that later). Their name according to the Gallup Organization, the people who do the polls during election time, is Actively Disengaged.

According to the largest study ever in the workplace (3,000,000 workers, 80,000 managers), the Gallup folks found that 16% of the workforce are Engaged (into the work), 67% are Disengaged (sometimes you can count on them and sometimes you can't), and 17% are Actively Disengaged. These people are noted for spending more time trying to get out of the work than actually doing the work....worse yet, they are talking about their slackness to their peers. They are a virus in the workplace.

My word, Sluggoes, stands for Slack, Lazy, Unproductive, Gross, Greedy, Obnoxious Energy Sappers. Do you know any Sluggoes?

I'll cut to the chase. The best thing you can do is get rid of them if at all possible. They won't change, and if they could, the energy it would take you to change them is not worth it.

If you can't get rid of them isolate them so they do as little damage as possible.

To return to Richard Branson's point in the previous blog, I'm all for letting peoples' consciences guide them in the workplace. The key is hiring people who have consciences.

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