Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting More...and More...Done With Less

Futurist Watts Wacker and the folks at found that nearly half of workers (47%) have taken additional responsibilities due to layoffs at their companies, and 37% are doing the work of two employees.

If you have to do more than your share, or, if increased responsibilities are your new reality you MUST be more productive.

The way to do get a handle on the new day is to begin using the basic Perfect Workday concepts: Do a To-Do List, Ask More Questions, and use the 30-Second Secret to stay organized.

If you need details on any of those email me (see email address in upper right-hand corner of blog page) and I’ll send you an article I recently wrote for the Association Executives of North Carolina. The article provides a great guide to getting more done and staying sane.

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