Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Loss and Lost

Loss is such an important part of change. Simply changing anything means that you are moving away from the way things were.

In the best change book ever written, Transitions, by William Bridges, the author talks about Endings, the Neutral Zone, and New Beginnings.

When the need for change is recognized, or when life changes without you wanting it to, the old way has ended. When that happens something is lost. We often greet the loss with grief. The phases of grief include surprise, anger, bargaining, and acceptance.

Depending on what we’ve lost the time can be a cleansing one; we needed it. Or, it can be a time when we feel that a part of us has been torn away. In either case, we can’t go through the change without the ending of the old way.

The best thing you can do in times of loss is let yourself feel what you are going to feel and believe, or at least hope, that the New Beginning you see on the horizon will be better than what ended.

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