Monday, June 22, 2009

On Vacation, Or Not?

Happy Monday!

This is the first day of my vacation....and I'm working. So, by virtue of the fact that I'm working does that automatically mean I'm not on vacation?

I'd like to think that "vacation" is in my mind, that I can go on vacation anytime just by taking my mind somewhere else. If you are at work right now you have my permission to take a 10-minute "work-cation."

The term "staycation," staying at home during vacation, has popped up in the last couple of years as we all try to be more frugal. You can stay home and enjoy local sights, sounds, and diversions that you might have missed. It's an appreciating the trees because you've been concentrating on the forest and trees kind of thing.

Somewhere else does matter, though. Getting away and seeing new things rests and invigorates the mind at the same time. Getting away is escape. Getting away is freedom.

If your dollar doldrums keep you from actually getting away or, if you can't afford to get too far away for whatever reason, try to ask yourself, "How can I get away without going away?"

Here are three suggestions:

Read a book. I know, I know, a novel strategy. But, did you know that only 57% of Americans read a whole book after graduating from high school. Find a book that gets you away and read the whole thing.

Here's an escape I'm currently using. I made a list of many of the movies I saw when I was young. Saturday afternoon at the Carolina or Riverside theaters!! These are movies that I believe have gone a long way in creating the adult I am. I watched The Old Man and Sea with Spencer Tracy last night. Escape, memories and message all rolled into one.

Take a hike. It doesn't have to be a March from Bataan walk. But, take advantage of the greenways wherever you are, or, if you walk on a regular basis, go somewhere else and walk.

Vacation is about getting away. And I plan on doing just that.

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