Monday, June 1, 2009

Sit Down and Learn Something

June 1…what a great day!

Ok, get ready…today is Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday, also the birthday of Cleavon Little (Sheriff Bart from Blazing Saddles). It is also National Go Barefoot Day, and the anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (6/1/67.)

This is the first day of National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, Rebuild Your Life Month, National Accordion Awareness Month, Fireworks Safety Month, and Effective Communication Month.

However, here are my favorite two…and you couldn’t ask for more irony if you wrote it up like this…June is National Potty Training Awareness Month…and….wait for it….National Bathroom Reading Month!

You can’t beat that sort of connection with a stick…now hang with me on this..some of you will think I’m being a little tactless, butt (oops, sorry)…but, there is a resource that, if you check it out, you’ll be amazed.

Go to and look for The Great American Bathroom Book. There are three volumes. The books feature 2-page summaries of everything from the world’s greatest works of literature to synopses of religion, philosophy, business, and art. The accumulation of knowledge is stunning.

Why not start a Perfect Workday with a little education?

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