Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Do You Step Off the Train?

Are you trying to burn the candle at both ends?

Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric, says that life balance is a myth. He says that if you are of a certain age (working age), have any ambition, and you are living in 21st Century America, that balance is almost impossible to attain.

Having said that…if you are trading health and energy in pursuit of success you will eventually lose. You just can’t keep running wide open and not have it catch up with you sooner or later.

That’s one of the reasons I wish my vacation was a vacation. I catch myself working. In fact, I saw a blip yesterday that noted research with 250 marketing and advertising managers and executives. It showed that over half check emails while on vacation and almost 40% actually work while on vacation.

So, it’s not that I'm out here by myself.

But, the issue is that what they are doing doesn't matter…what I'm doing, or not doing, does.

And it’s almost impossible to be in my office at home without seeing something that has to be done. Admittedly, I can do it at a more leisurely pace.

But, the question is: When do I get to relax?

How about you? Do you have a point at which you relax? Is it some far off point…”One of these days I’ll head to the beach”? Or, when you do go on “vacation” it is such a production that it’s a job you don’t get paid for?

Even in tight times…ya gotta find a moment to step off the train.

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