Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Back Room

Did some rearranging and ended up with a lot of stuff in a back room. At your house this could be a spare room, a basement, an attic, or a closet.

The great thing about a back room is that you can close the door and you don’t see the stuff. The rest of the house looks great!

The bad part is that you start forgetting what is in the back room. And later, when you really need something, you either do without, go buy another one (which, as you later discover, you didn’t need so that’s wasted resources), or suffer because you needed the thing and didn’t remember you had one.

Sooner or later you have to go through the back room. You either do it like most people (OK! Time to clean out the back room!), or you do it in a structured way (OK! The back room is not a junk room, it’s a storage area. So, we have to at least walk back there on a regular basis and look around in order to remember what we have.)

I know folks who, in order to have a Perfect Workday, throw stuff in a drawer or box or closet so they have a neat workplace. But, there’s a difference between neat and organized. “Neat” means things look in place. “Organized” means that things are in place and you can find what you need.

What’s your back room? Is it a tangible place, such as a room in your house? Or, is it a room in your mind where you throw the things you don't want to think about? Disorganization, inside or outside, slows us down.

Ok, now where is that book I was looking for?

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