Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grease or Sand, Which Is It?

How has the tight economy affected the S.L.U.G.G.O.E.S. in your workplace?

If you remember from past blogs, S.L.U.G.G.O.E.S. are Slack, Lazy, Unmotivated, Gross, Greedy, Obnoxious Energy Sappers.

A recent Wall Street Journal essay noted that there might be fewer jerks in the workplace because jerks are often the first to go in tight times and some jerks who are left will straighten up their act so they don’t get axed.

While I agree with the logic of the WSJ article I believe that the stress of today’s economy and workplace pushes some people to act out in a variety of ways. They may feel so “put upon” as we Southerners say that they feel compelled to withhold information, get territorial, try to grab more power and act selfishly in order to feel that they have some control, some agency, over their lives. In short, some people will act like spoiled children and others will act like bullies due to the stress they are feeling.

However, the silver lining to today’s stressful workplace is that another group of people will be more gracious, generous, caring and productive than they might have been. They understand that we are all in this together and that our behaviors throw either grease or sand into the gears of work.

Which are you throwing?

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