Thursday, July 16, 2009

Serving Time

Bernie Madoff (as in, Bernie "made off" with billions) just started serving his 150-year sentence at the federal prison in Butner, NC. Michael Vick is on the front page of USA Today. His sentence is almost up and his future is unclear.

There are times in life in which, if we are going to get where we want to go, we have to serve time. We have to go through experiences we don't want to go through, but the "going through" is necessary to get where we want or need to go.

I have a young friend who is smart, ambitious, and very talented. But, he doesn't want to go through some of the tough times he needs to experience to get where he believes he wants to be. He thinks he's going through those times now simply because the now is tougher than the past. But, he doesn't want to set deadlines or do work he believes is beneath him, and he refuses to believe that there may be another way to reach his goal other than his way. He's young and, as I said, he smart, so he'll learn and I believe he'll get there.

Getting to a Perfect Workday may mean serving time to learn new skills, create new habits, or simply work through a difficult relationship until you come out the other side in the new day you hoped for.

Understanding the realities, though, doesn't make serving time easier.

Uh, oh. Gotta go. It's exercise time in Cellblock 3.

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