Thursday, July 23, 2009

Signs to Success

I've started posting signs in my house. Not everywhere, just in critical, "high visibility" locations. Places like the refrigerator door (no fat jokes!!), bathroom mirror, bedside table...places like that.

Times have been a little stressed and fast-paced and when that happens it's easy to blow by something that was important that you SHOULD have gotten done, but it just got missed in all the hullabulloo (that was kinda fun, I've never had the chance to write hullabulloo in anything).

Later, when life slows down a little the signs won't be needed.

The use of signs or notes or whatever works for you is especially important during times of change. One woman told me that she forgot to pick up her daughter at school during a time when the mother was a caregiver. So, something as simple as a sign on the dash of the car that said, "Mary/School" could work.

Trying to have a Perfect Workday may mean making changes. Give yourself some simple signs that point to success. The reminders will keep you on the right track, lower your stress level, and provide others with guidance.

Have a great weekend!

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