Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Loves Ya, Baby!

There’s a big difference between talking about caring about employees and actually doing it.

I spent this weekend at a conference for North Carolina’s Farm Bureau Insurance and saw firsthand a range of examples of managers and leaders who care about the people who make the company work. One new father told me about the company president driving two hours to see the employee’s new baby. That doesn’t happen in a lot of companies.

I watched top company management interacting with employees at a dinner/dance and saw genuine interest and affection. While those emotions shouldn’t be rare, they are. Here’s a comment from one attendee; “They (top management) told us that people wouldn’t lose their jobs. That we might have to do more work and they wouldn’t immediately fill positions if people left or retired, but that they wouldn’t lay anyone off. So far they’ve kept their word and that really means something.”

Saying you care about the people you work with is one thing, actually doing it is another.

Have a great week.

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