Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Days to Go!

I've said in previous blogs that you won't hear me use the word passion in any context other than romance.

However, if I DID use it I’d be spoutin’ it now like a baby spittin’ green pea Gerber at his mama.

Now, don’t click away just because of what I’m going to say…..College football is only about 10 days away! Ssshhhhhhh. Don’t say it real loud….college football is only 10 days away.

I know, I know…some of you unbelievers…oops…uh…wonderful folks may not like college football or appreciate its spiritual qualities. God Bless You. (If you are a Southerner you know that God Bless You is a catch-all phrase…you can use it in a variety of ways…some not so complimentary.)

At halftime of watching the Jets and Ravens in a preseason game last night I was going through my mail and found this season’s Carolina Tar Heel football tickets. Even getting the football season guide a week ago didn’t light me up. But, seeing those little pieces of cardboard that provide entry into heaven finally got me cranked.

I mean, here’s the deal: you’ve got the weeklong anticipation of going to the game; having something worth reading in the sports section (baseball and golf...pleeeeezzze); getting up on Saturday morning and turning on the Stones’ “Start Me Up”…loud; a blue sky; an optimistic, cheering crowd (at least for the first couple of games); the band; girls in sundresses (at least for the first couple of games); tailgating; seeing old friends; fighters flying over; kickoff; the anticipation before a big play; touchdown celebrations; testosterone by the tankerful (and that’s just the girls from Meredith College); hotdogs from the concession stand; green grass and lots of different colored uniforms; and, last but not least, singing the alma mater at the end of the game…win or lose.

Now, if that ain’t America then grits ain’t groceries.

Do you have something in your life that does that for you? If you do, God Bless You. If you don’t, wellllll, God Bless You.

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