Monday, August 17, 2009

Again, In Praise of Gravy

A few years ago I had my cholesterol checked at a health fair and it was so bad the nurse said I might as well have gravy running through my veins. I started taking meds for bad cholesterol and now pretty much have it under control and every time the nurse sees me she says, “Hey Gravy, how’s it goin’?”

Her observation couldn’t have been more appropriate because I LOVE GRAVY. I mentioned it awhile back in another blog but it certainly bears mentioning again.

Think about it. Something as simple as gravy makes everything from baked chicken to plain rice taste like grandma’s house! You could put gravy on celery and your fiber content would go sky high! How great is that!? As far as I’m concerned gravy should rank up there with the wheel as one of man’s (or, in this case, probably a woman’s) greatest invention.

As far as I ‘m concerned ketchup is a type of gravy and it goes with EVERYTHING!

There’s a restaurant in Raleigh named Gravy. I haven’t been yet but it’s on my list of places to go just like Mecca is on the list for Muslims.

The only bad gravy I’ve ever had is poi (pronounced, “poy”). It’s a gooey, snot-tasting kind of substance that makes up a large part of the Hawaiian diet. I tried it a couple of summers ago on a trip to the islands. I tried to explain to a cook that if they’d mix some beef gravy in it everyone would eat it. He said, “Everyone but you already does.” Well, there you go.

So what does gravy have to do with having a Perfect Workday? Simple. Any day that I can have some gravy; beef, chicken or turkey, is a good day. I’ll bet there is something simple that, if you have some of it, or do some of it, you’ll have a good day. It could be seeing a specific sight, taking in a certain fragrance, eating a food you like, experiencing a favorite tactile sensation, or talking to a special person (notice that these are all sensory sensations).

Whatever your personal "gravy" is, try to incorporate some of it into your day. You may not want to do it every day because you might get tired of it…or not.

I could eat gravy every day and I’d love it. In fact, I’m going to have gravy for lunch…on a salad. What?! You didn’t know that any type of dressing is basically gravy?

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