Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Warped Are You?

How warped are you? I heard the word recently and started to think, “Is warped good or bad?”

The definition of warp is interesting. There’s the one most of us know which is, “a distortion, a mental twist, an aberration.” But the nautical definition of warp is, “a rope or line run from a boat to a dock, buoy, or anchor and used to warp the vessel into position.” Here’s how I interpret it: A warp is a device used to steady and secure a larger object moving within a fluid substance. As humans moving through a fluid existence we need things to secure us to reality.

So, is warped good? Well, obviously, if others are hurt by someone’s warpedness (if that is not a word it should be and is now) then it’s not a good thing.

But, I think that most of the time being warped is a good, even great, thing. Being warped means you're different…and not just a little different, but different in a way that either no one has thought about or so far out on the fringe that your warpedness easily and clearly stands out. Warped can mean that you are reaching out to a different, possibly better, future.

When someone tells you you are warped it’s usually because you are doing something they wished they had the courage, imagination, motivation, simple chutzpah as my friend David would say, or cajones (look it up in the Spanish/English dictionary) to do.

By the way, when you say chutzpah you have to sound like you’re getting ready to hock a loogie!

I’m betting that Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and Confucius were all called warped in their day.

Warped is different. Warped is special. Warped is fun at Mach 3 with your hair on fire. Warped is out there. Warped is deviant behavior smiling at the Political Correctness police.

Here’s the deal: If you take warped and add one letter, “p,” and reverse two letters, “r” and “a” you get wrapped. As in, all wrapped up. Tight.

I’ll take warped over wrapped any day.

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