Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Beginnings

“The beginnings…of all human undertakings are untidy.” John Galsworthy, English novelist

This is the third and final comment about William Bridges book, Transitions. The third stage of change is New Beginnings.

Bridges points out that it would be nice if we had clear paths to show us the way to New Beginnings. We don’t have options that are different colors like the states in the old US maps we saw in school.

And there is no service that calls us or sends us an email and says, “Ok, The Neutral Zone has ended, it’s time to start your New Beginnings.” We seem to get inner signals, little hints, that something is changing. I love Bridges comment, “The most important of these signals begins as a faint intimation that something is different, a new theme in the music, a strange fragrance in the breeze.”

For good or ill I’ve always been a big fan of omens. I think it isn’t that I think God sends us a sign so much as I believe we know what we want in life even if we can’t articulate it, and we see, hear, smell, touch something that connects with that thing we want. We then have the feeling, “Oh, that must be a signal that I should …..”

It’s important, though, to distinguish between a real new beginning and a defensive reaction to an ending…the need to do SOMETHING.

The wonderful thing about New Beginnings is that they often bring with them a gift of life. New Beginnings replace the sadness and loss of the Endings, and the lethargy and confusion of The Neutral Zone, with a new energy and focus.

It’s on to something new, and life begins again!

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