Monday, August 10, 2009

This Is the End

A weekend of reading.

I’ve been reading William Bridges book, Transitions, again. This is probably the best book about change ever written. Bridges research on a variety of cultures and philosophies of change identifies three areas in the change process: Endings, The Neutral Zone, and New Beginnings.

Everyone is going through one of the three change zones in some area of life. Especially in a tight economic time with precarious employment situations the simple fact that it’s a new day in the business world means the old way has ended…and tons of folks are having trouble with that thought even if they still have jobs.

The Endings can happen emotionally, physically, every area of life.

Here’s one of the cool things from the book: Bridges says that if you look at some of the different Endings in your life (finishing high school or college, romances ending, parents dying) you’ll very often see that you have a style of how you deal with Endings. Maybe you plan for them, or they just happen and you deal with them, or you deny them and quickly move on to the next thing.

What’s your Endings style? Knowing your style can help you anticipate and plan for how you will deal with change. And we’re all in for change of one type or another.

The silver lining to Endings is that they are the first step toward a New Beginning.

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