Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Your Wattage?

Am on the road most of this week. Drove from Geenville to Greenville yesterday. NC to SC.

Yesterday morning I ran across a line in my daily devotional that talked about "shining your light." The line essentially said that if you will shine your light it provides illumination for others to shine their lights.

So, what's your wattage?

How bright is your light now and how bright can it be?

There certainly are times when we feel that our lights are not very bright. At those times we have to shine whatever we have and hope it lights the path for ourselves and others.

Lately, my light has seemed like a strobe light; bright sometimes, totally dark at others. The dark times can be extraordinarily scary; the bright times are often so bright that they blind me to the right direction. That kind of light allows furtive steps but keeps me from striding confidently into the future. I'm trying to lower the amount of time between bright flashes and tone the bright flashes down so that I can get my bearings.

What's your wattage?

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