Monday, September 14, 2009

Me and Mr. Olympia

In my bathroom on a shelf I have a picture of me shaking Dorian Yates' hand. Yates is an Englishman who won the Mr. Olympia five times. The picture was taken a few years ago when he was on a visit to Raleigh promoting a protein supplement and not in contest shape. Both of us are in shorts and dark T-shirts and to be totally honest, our physiques (from what you can make out) don't look all that different. Obviously, when Yates was in cotest shape, or if he had stripped off the T-shirt, his physique and mine are dramatically different.

I got to thinking, "What is the difference between me and Dorian Yates?" Well, to start with genetics and my reluctance to take so many steroids that they would have turned me into Mr. Ed.

But, those are just excuses.

The real difference has to do with little decisions. Every day from the time he was a teenager Dorian Yates made little decisions that eventually allowed him to have the one thing he wanted more than anything else--a Mr. Olympia body.

If there is no other truth in life it is this: The little decisions you have made throughout your life have created the you that you are today.

If you don't like the you you are, or the life you have, you must make different decisions. The big decisions are dramatic and attention-getting and exciting and motivating. Deciding what you want or who you want to be is a big decision. But, it's the little decisions that support and fulfill the big decision; the day-in, day-out habits make it happen.

There's a wonderful thought, "Will power gets you started; habits fulfill the dream."

Damn. That's about halfway depressing. I think I'll have a doughnut.

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