Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Try for a Perfect Workday?

Why try to have a Perfect Workday?

- Self-Esteem. You know when you are coasting and not giving it your best. Pushing for a Perfect Workday builds self-esteem.
- Helps the Economy. We are not often told--specifically--what we can do to help the economy other then spend money. Billions of dollars are lost due to inefficiency, miscommunication, and disorganization. Do your best and you're doing your part.
- Helps you keep your job. If your bosses are looking around to see who can be laid off you don't want to be one of the ones standing around saying, "I'm taking a break."
- Makes you more employable. If you are let go, having done your best means your employers may be more likely to help you get your next job. At the least, they'll be likely to give you a sincere recommendation.
- Finally, shooting for a Perfect Workday is a lot more fun than than being slack. It's living.

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