Friday, September 11, 2009

Word of the Day: Capricious

8:24 am September 11, 2009—Eight years ago, right about now, 3000+ Americans were on their way to work, already at work, chatting with their seatmates on airliners and anticipating the weekend. Two hours later, they were gone.

Every year in America more people die on our highways than died in the war in Vietnam (50,000+). A startlingly large number are killed by drunk drivers or people who, in some way, are affected by road rage.

What’s the connection between the two topics? Whenever I see images that remind me of September 11 or hear or read about someone who died on the highway I think about the word capricious (adj. “tending to change abruptly and without apparent reason”).

I always wonder how many of those folks who were taken abruptly and without apparent reason said goodbye to the people they loved and who loved them. How many of them took the time to say I love you.

It is an absolutely gorgeous, cool morning in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The sky is Carolina Blue. I am going to do what I have done each September 11 since 2001. Throughout the day I’m going to reach out to the people I love the most simply to hear their voices and tell them I love them. You never know, life being what it is, I might not get another chance.

Why not do the same?

Have a great weekend.

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