Friday, October 2, 2009

Are You OK?

When are you OK?

Traveled to spend a night with my mother last night. She's 81 and my brother and I are trying to touch base on a regular basis to make sure she's doing OK.

She's pretty spry. She takes care of herself with minimal problems (as far as we know), has a great sense of humor, pays her bills, and finds her way around town. But, she's getting to the point that she will ask the same question multiple times in the same conversation. When we bring that issue to her attention she calls it "old timers' disease." So, we're patient and as long as there are no serious episodes that we think we should react to, we guess that she's fine.

(This reminds me of the joke where the kid watches his family and says, "When the baby lays on the bed and waves at the ceiling fan you guys think it's funny. When grandpa does it, he's senile. What's that all about?")

Anyway, I think lots of us have times in our lives at which we question, "Am I OK?" The situations can range from the general feeling of malaise when you're a teenager to more specific questions focusing on financial, intellectual, and emotional health as we get older.

A shrink I know recently told me, "If you're living life like you want to; you're as close to the people you want to be close to; and you're taking care of yourself, you're OK."

So, are you OK?

Have a big weekend. See you Monday.

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