Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Beast

Am in Winston-Salem with a health care group and having a blast. I'm presenting, "FUN Is Not a 4-Letter Word!"

Dave Gowarty, director of pharmacy at a hospital in Henderson, NC, is a good friend who is here and he and I sat up last night and solved most of the major problems of life.

Dave has an interesting take on human behavior. He talks about The Dark Side; that side of us that, when we go there, has the potential to get us in trouble if we delve too far into it or get so far out there that we can't get back.

I tend to call that side of us The Beast. Everyone has it. Some people don't find a need to go there at all while others spend waaaaay too much time there.

The Dark Side/Beast might lend itself to drinking, drugs, sex, aggressive behavior or depression. At the same time, The Dark Side/Beast also has a positive aspect. It's the same part of us that leads to creativity. When we are out there on the edge blazing new frontiers as some smart people I know call it, that's an example of you using that barely controllable part of you in a positive way.

What's it like when you let your Dark Side/Beast out? We all have it. Some are frightened of it; others delight in it. The expedition out can be thrilling. Just be sure you leave a string or cookie crumb trail so you can find your way back.

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