Monday, October 5, 2009

A Damned Shame

Are you being wasted?

No, I didn’t ask, “Are you wasted?” I think your answer to that would be, “No.” If you were you wouldn’t be in much condition to read this blog. And, it’s Monday morning. So, if you are already wasted on a Monday morning you’re either on vacation or you have more problems than I can help you with.

But, I digress.

Again, are you being wasted?

Are you maximizing your gifts? Are you capable of so much more creativity, accomplishment, effort, love, passion than you are now exhibiting? If your answer to the first question is, “No,” and your answer to the second question is, “Yes” then you are being wasted.

And I don’t really want to hear, “But, Mike, I’m too busy, too tired, too involved with my job/kids/parents/whatever.” That can be true, but it’s still an excuse.

It hit me last Friday like a lightning bolt that I’m being wasted. Even with all the stuff I’m trying to do, I’m still being wasted.

And here’s the thing that bites us in the butt (or, at least it bit me in mine)…no one wastes you but you. We all make the decision to be wasted. If you are waiting on someone else to make use of you you are almost always going to be disappointed.

The legendary singer Bill Withers does a fantastic love song, “Use Me Up.” Well, the only way to have that happen is to put yourself in situations in which you will be used up—situations in which you won’t be wasted—and the only person who can do that is you/me.

Considering our potential as human beings, being wasted is a damned shame.

Time to stop being wasted.

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