Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Deep Thinker?

The other day I had someone accuse me of being a “deep thinker.” Whataya think, should I take it as a compliment or not?

Actually, I do take it as a compliment because I believe it refers to someone who asks some of life’s big questions. I don’t know if I come up with any better answers than anyone else could, but it seems to me that, at least once in awhile, ya gotta take a look at something bigger than whether or not the Panthers will win a game or if Salma Hayak really is the most beautiful woman in the world.

The answer to the Panthers question is “probably.” The answer to the Salma question is, “ab-so-skippin’-lutely!”

Sorry, the Salma factor threw me off track.

The tough thing about the big questions is that they often don’t come with yes/no, black/white answers. Seems to be a lot of, “it depends” and gray.

And, don’tcha wonder about those folks who have the definitive answers? They seem so sure of themselves.

The other day I asked a friend if, when God spoke to her, did God speak in her voice or sound different. (like James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Casey Kasem or Pee Wee Herman…or Salma Hayak) My friend is in the God business and has a great sense of humor and she said, “Well Mike, it doesn’t work like that.”

Maybe not. Or, maybe it does.

A deep thinker?

Hmmm…..let me think about that.

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