Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hook'em Horns!

Sorry, I missed talking with you yesterday…

Today is a big day in the Southwest. It’s the annual Texas/Oklahoma game in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. If you don’t like college football you can watch The History of Wedgewood China on PBS or take a walk.

Now, I’m not so much a Longhorn fan as I am a Mac Brown fan. Lots of folks hammer Mac for leaving the Tar Heels but the fault was as much ours as anything. The powers-that-be at the time couldn’t abide having another sport compete with basketball at Carolina.

But, here’s the point: For his entire career Mac Brown has been focused on one thing, rising to the top of his profession; being the best college football coach he could be. You can’t fault anyone for that. I have to say that I admire that sort of dedication.

As I get older I find that watching college sports (I love the color, excitement, positive energy as opposed to the negative energy the pros seem to generate, and the “evergreen” quality of college ) is like watching a science project. You get to see the participants grow and improve or fail, you see management in action, and you see the effect of emotions—not money—on performance.

The Texas/Oklahoma game this year has the potential to be a classic. If you get a chance, tune in.

Hook’em Horns!

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