Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ice Cream and Cheesecake for Dinner...Just Shoot Me

Here’s my confession for the day: Last night I had butter almond ice cream and cheesecake for dinner.

Why? Because it was the best thing to do.

Ok…there were other reasons….I was about half-ticked at life, the weather was cold and rainy and altogether terrible, my computer and projector wouldn’t work the way I needed them to, there are a number of people who aren’t cooperating on important life issues, kinda messed up my back lifting weights, office was too messy to find a couple of things I needed (I know, I teach this stuff but sometimes it just happens), the only foods in The Cave were tuna and spinach, and I’m out of those little Kleenex-looking things you throw into the dryer to make stuff fluffy and smellin’ good.

Now, I’ll step up and be man enough to admit that I’m whining. And I realize that the stereotype of a real man is that we don't whine. But, you know what, If you are going to stay sane there are some days you get to whine.

Granted, you only get a few whine days, but there are some days that you just don’t want to suck it up, be tough, handle it, put the shoulder to it, be a man, do your best, or be Stoic about it. You want to rant, throw something, punch something, cuss somebody, get drunk, or tear something up. Or, whine.

There was a day when I would have done some of the things in the first two sentences in the last paragraph. But, if you live long enough you start understanding that some days you don’t want to do the things in the first sentence…and, as one of my best friends, Al, would say, “and that’s OK.” You also come to understand that the stuff in the second sentence usually hurts more than it help.

So, I ate butter almond ice cream and cheesecake...shoot me.

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