Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keepin' LIfe In Front of You

Yesterday I bought a medium-sized (24”x36”), cork bulletin board. I put it on the wall in front of my desk. I’m using it to post notes and information that I need to keep in front of me. Over time I found that, considering the schedule and life I have, there are a variety of responsibilities, tasks, issues, and ideas that I want to be reminded of and I needed a better system.

It’s easy to fall into work and life habits that, over time, lose their effectiveness. The key to being successful over the long term is to continue to try new ideas.

Check your life for these three areas and see if a new system, a new habit, might help:
1. How do you see time? What type of calendar system, idea generation system, and tickler file do you use?
2. How do you build fitness and health into your day? Remember ELMO! Every Little MOvement. If you are going up in a building less than four floors take the stairs. Stop at every water fountain you see and take three swallows of water.
3. How do you connect with whatever the Divine Reality might be? Make a point each day to stop for 1 minute and appreciate the beauty of life around you and the fact that you are maintaining a heartbeat and steady respiration.

You get to pick other areas that are important to you. The above are three simple ones that, if you pay attention to them, will improve your life.

Finally, my Tar Heels are on national television tonight playing Florida State on ESPN. If you don’t have a dog in the hunt pull of the guys in light blue.

Go Heels!

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