Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kickin' a Pig

One of my favorite movies is Lonesome Dove starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones as former Texas Rangers Augustus (Gus) McRae and Woodrow Call. If you haven’t seen it (and you should, multiple times) you have to know that the movie is one of the greatest buddy flicks of all time; it includes multiple love stories; and is the most outstanding statement on honor and commitment to be shown on television in the last 40 years.

Here’s the synopsis: In order to make their fortunes—and to please Gus, who is the only one who understands that men need adventures and worlds to conquer—the two are going to move a herd of cattle from Texas to Montana. Along the way they encounter all kinds of adventures; good, bad and terrible.

Gus catches an arrow in the leg fighting off Indians and as his leg festers he is told by the doctor that if he does not have his leg amputated he will die. He obstinately refuses the operation.

The following exchange occurs as Gus lies in bed:
Woodrow Call: What do you want legs for anyway? You don't like to do nothing but sit on the porch and drink whiskey!
Gus McCrae: I like to kick a pig every once in a while. How would I do that?

Knowing the basic things you need—and why—to have the life you want is the first step to having the life you want.

‘Cause there’s hardly ever a pig around when you need one.

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