Friday, October 9, 2009

Life's Yard Sale

Saw a sign last night near where I live that said, “Community Yard Sale Saturday.”

For some reason a quote I read recently popped into my mind, “Someone needs something you have.”

Whether we know it or not that’s life in a nutshell. No one has everything they need no matter what they tell you. I’m not talking so much about the material life like the stuff we see at a yard sale. I’m talking about the connections we need with other people.

Whether it’s knowledge, love, affirmation, companionship, or friendship we need something from others. Humans are communal creatures and no matter how much someone says that they are self-sufficient we all need something from someone else. In fact, the people who seem the most self-sufficient often seem to be the most boring people.

There is a slogan some education groups use, “Steal Shamelessly and Share Selflessly.” I like that when it comes to professional behavior. In our personal lives I would like to see, “Receive Openly and Share Selflessly.”

That should be the mantra for life’s yard sale any day of the week.

Have a great weekend.

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