Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Song for the South

I love it…we Southerners are finally getting the praise and respect we deserve.

You might remember the Charlotte-bound jetliner that miraculously crashed in the Hudson River about a year ago. The plane was piloted by Captain Sully Sullenberger. In a book released on Tuesday, “Miracle on the Hudson: The Survivors of Flight 1549,” 118 of the 150 passengers gave interviews to writers/spouses William Prochnau and Laura Parker.

According to them, a key reason evacuation of the jetliner went so smoothly was because it was largely populated by Southerners.

“An inbred politeness seemed to work,” said Prochnau. “Whenever someone would feel a rising sense of panic, others in the group would settle them genteelly and direct them to safety.”

At a time when rap musicians, politicians, and tennis stars are showing their a**es in ill-mannered outbursts a bunch of Southerners in a clear life or death situation faced the challenge with a sense of courage and grace. All the superior attitudes, cheesesteaks, operas and big buildings can’t beat that.

Right, y’all?

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