Monday, October 26, 2009

Staggering Toward the Answer

There is a wonderful freebie publication in Chapel Hill, The Stagger. It provides info about a lot the entertainment and drink specials for all the clubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants. You can go to and see it.

I love to pick up The Stagger just to read the band names. Ya gotta love Trivia From Hell, Robobilly, The Dirty Little Heaters, and Beer Pong Night…mmm….ok, the last one is a drinking game, not a band…my bad, it’s Monday.

And, yes, on Fridays after work I don’t mind knowing who sells a REALLY big beer.

But, the point is that folks at The Stagger have determined that there is a type of information that answers a question (where’s our kind of fun?) that a group of folks need, and The Stagger provides the information. It’s a great source.

The first step to moving in the right direction in ANY area of life is to determine what the basic question/questions is/are. The second step is to ask, “Where can I find the information I need?” The source could be the Internet, but it also could be walking up to the appropriate person and asking the question, reading a book, getting out and taking a walk, saying a prayer, tuning in or tuning out, meditating, or taking one of those little sample spoons at Baskins-Robbins and trying a new taste.

Answers don’t come from just one source; look around.

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