Monday, November 2, 2009

5K or 1K, Does It Really Matter?

On Saturday I ran in a 5K in Chapel Hill. The race was a wildly successful (600+ runners) event held to raise money for breast cancer research.

Now, here’s the deal…since it was Halloween, and Halloween in Chapel Hill is a lot different than most places…I ran the race wearing a full Hazmat helmet. You know, the big, silver helmets with the gold faceplates that firemen wear? Imagine running in a sauna that covers only your head. If you’d like see some wild pictures go to my Facebook page and click on the one with me in the helmet. (or, friend me and I’ll connect with you so that you can see them)

…..mmmm…Ok, I guess I’d better own up….I hung back at the rear of the group at the starting line and when the starting horn sounded I turned around…and walk/jogged across the UNC-CH campus to the finish line. To tell the truth I guess I did a 1K.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “The way you did it, Mike, means that it doesn’t count.”

Not true. It counted for me. And, in the long run, that’s all that counts. I supported the cause, had a LOT of fun (pictures with little and big kids who loved the outfit and pictures with some other…ahhh…participants), was not competing because that’s not the reason I did it, and was able to stand at the finish line and yell at the anorexics who won, “What took y’all so long!!!”

Knowing which goals in life are really important to you and which are fun or of only mild importance is a key to having a happy, successful life. Every task, effort, goal, relationship, and job does not deserve 100%. If you try to give everything 100%, or believe that everything has to be done exactly by the rules, you’ll burn yourself out.

Decide what is important to you…and give that your all. For the rest—especially the rest that is based on someone else’s rules—take it or leave it…..or cheat and laugh.

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