Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dressing Like a Penquin

"What is true, simple, and sincere is most congenial to man's nature." Cicero

How often do we complicate our lives? Too much of this, that, or the other clutters our external and internal lives.

There's a story about Al Neuharth, founder and publisher of USA Today that I love. Neuharth is a clothes-horse. As the story goes, it used to take him 45 minutes to get dressed every morning because his closet was the size of Rhode Island and was packed with clothes that he delighted in choosing among....until someone asked him how much that 45 minutes cost him in money.

Neuharth cleared the closet of every item that was not black, white, or gray and donated the clothes to charity. From that moment to today every piece of clothing he buys is black, white or gray. Now, no matter what he chooses it takes 5 minutes to get dressed....and everything matches.

Are you complicating your life? I'm not saying you have to dress like a penguin, but maybe, in a wide range of areas of life...maybe Cicero was right.

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