Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dumb or Donuts

I woke this morning next to a Dunkin Donuts store...mmm....not like right next to it, I was in a hotel. I'm really a Krispy Kreme kinda guy, but, hey, a donut's a donut. So, the first thing I thought was...wooooo....donuts for breakfast.

Now, many of you who read this blog have never seen me. You've seen the picture to the right, though, and you can probably tell that donuts for breakfast is probably not my best choice. Also, I've been making some better health choices and my weight is going down a little, so there you go.

I ended up checking email and eating Raisin Bran for breakfast. Not donuts, but a better choice. Here's what I did: I told myself, "Mike, you can have all the donuts you want this weekend." And it worked. My desire dropped off, I have a positive anticipation for the weekend, and I made a better choice.

I'm certainly not above using a little mental sleight-of-hand to get me closer to a goal.

What's a goal you have that you have had difficulty reaching? What little trick or strategy can you use to get you a step closer?

(And if you are skinny, have a donut for me today!)

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